Creative Master Northcord

UKBUS 100x Alexander Dennis ALX400 

Mirrors pair standard black £5

Currently Sold Out

Mirror off side black £2.50

Mirrors pair long arm style yellow £5

Currently Sold Out

Top windscreen/destination panel £5

Classis £4

Lower deck roof panel £5

Upper deck seating £5

Lower deck seating £5

Axle 50p

UKBUS 200x Dennis Trident Plaxton President

Off side mirror £1.50

Near side mirror £1.50

UKBUS 300x Dennis Dart MPD 

Mirrors pair yellow £5

UKBUS 400x Volvo Olympian Alexander Royale

Mirrors pair standard £3

near side mirror £1.50

Off side mirror £1.50

UKBUS 500x Mercedes Citaro and UKBUS 510x Mercedes Citaro Bendy

MK2 mirrors pair green £3

MK2 off side mirror green £1.50

MK1 mirrors pair yellow £3

MK2 off side mirror red £1.50

MK1 off side mirror green £1.50

MK2 mirrors pair black/yellow dot £3

MK2 mirrors pair bright yellow £3

MK2 near side mirror yellow £1.50

MK2 off side mirror black/yellow stripe £1.50

MK2 off side mirror black/yellow dot £1.50

MK1 near side mirror black £1.50

MK1 off side mirror orange/yellow £1.50

MK2 mirrors pair yellow £3

MK1 off side mirror bright yellow £1.50

MK1 mirrors pair black £3

MK2 mirrors pair black £3

MK1 off side mirror red £1.50

MK2 mirrors pair red £5

UKBUS 600x Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 and 400H

Mirror pair yellow unbuilt £5

Off side mirror yellow £2

Rear upper windscreen £4

Rear lower windscreen £5

Chassis SWB (No wheels) £3

Lower deck roof panel SWB blue/grey £3

Upper deck roof panel SWB grey £3

Lower deck roof panel SWB grey £3

Upper deck roof panel LWB cream £3

Lower deck roof panel LWB cream/green £3

Lower deck seating LWB green £5

Upper deck seating LWB green £5

UKBUS 700x Scania Omnicity Single Deck

Mirrors pair £3

Mirrors pair yellow stripe £3

Near side mirror £1.50

Guided bus way wheel £2

UKBUS 800x Alexander Dennis Enviro 200 

Near side Mirror £2.00

Engine £6

UKBUS 900x Scania Omnicity Double Deck

Mirrors pair yellow/black £5

Near side mirror black £1.50

Off side mirror yellow £1.50

HKBUS200x Leyland Olympian Tri-axle Alexander R Type Double Decker

Rear wheel red £2

Front windscreen panel white £6

Japan (JB) and China (CN) Bus Models 

JB5001 mirrors red £2

JB1012 mirrors cream £2

JB4001 mirrors £2

JB2000 mirrors £2

JB1006/7 wipers pair £2

CN3000 near side wiper £1

More spares coming soon